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The Jian Nan Chun brand, one of the most classic liquor brands in China, was born in Mianzhu, Sichuan. Dong Fang Hong is a high-end product of Jian Nan Chun, which is carefully blended by Jian Nan Chun’s chief brewing master Xu Zhancheng and his elite team. It represents the highest level of Jiannanchun’s superb Baijiu-making techniques.

Dong Fang Hong was generally 46 degrees in the early days, which was the best degree that Jian Nan Chun considered. The grain koji pit is rich in fragrance, balanced, and comfortable. This baijiu selects five kinds of grains including high-quality glutinous rice, rice, wheat, corn, and sorghum from the Western Sichuan Plain as raw materials, and the local unique Yufei spring water is used for brewing. A series of processes such as wine selection, blending, production, and storage have all implemented the high-level craftsmanship standards of Jiannanchun, which is a well-deserved leader among Chinese famous wines.

Dong Fang Hong not only carries forward the ancient techniques of Jian Nan Chun that have been passed down for thousands of years, but also guarantees that it meets the taste and aesthetic taste of modern consumers by virtue of the meticulous design of Jian Nan Chun Brewery, which is extremely well-known in the Chinese liquor industry. The product positioning is high-end, while the packaging is full of honor, which reflects the profound connotation of oriental culture.

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